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Ar.Meenakshi Joshi

Ar. Minakshi Joshi

I am Meenakshi Joshi, a graduate in Arts with a Master's degree from Bareilly University. After my marriage to Kamal Joshi, I decided to explore interior designing to support him. My journey from being an Arts graduate to becoming the Design Director of KAMS DESIGNER ZONE has been truly inspiring, driven by my love for colors and intricate designs.

Choosing the Path of Interior Design
My journey in interior design began with supporting my husband in architectural tasks. However, we both felt that our talents were underutilized in the architectural field. This realization led us to pivot towards interior design.

Education and Recommendations
I pursued a Master's in Arts from Bareilly University and supplemented it with practical experience, which I believe is more valuable.

Embracing Design Trends
Exploring new, durable materials that fit our clients' budgets is crucial. Combining white walls with pastel shades and lighter furniture creates fresh and spacious interiors.

Finding Inspiration
In our experience, clients, including their children, often have creative ideas. We enjoy bringing those ideas to life.

Challenges in the Field
Matching designs to clients' budgets and managing tight timelines are challenging aspects of our work.

Favorite Books
"Eat That Frog" taught me the importance of focusing on the most important tasks to succeed.

Sources of Inspiration
Nature, new materials, industry events, and networking with fellow designers continually expand my creative horizons.

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